Sparkle Jewellery Designs - Company Message

About Sparkle Jewellery
Distinctive and affordable, ‘Sparkle’  is a company based in the South West. Influenced by the beauty of the local scenery, we combine gems, crystals, and glass to create necklaces that allow the stones to speak for themselves. Each is carefully handbeaded to reflect light, texture and colour across a wide range of looks from subtle sparkles to glamourous bold designs.

We have a passion for jewellery and believe it makes the perfect gift. 

Some necklaces are 'one of a kind' so if you like it, buy it as it will not be repeated!
Others are categorised into 'ranges' - they have a similar theme but each is different in some way - perhaps it has crystals or glass cubes so you won't find anyone wearing exactly the same necklace as yours.